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The legal Cannabis industry is growing and here to stay. Our mission at the Cannabis Risk Advisory Group is to help investors, operators, suppliers and others involved in the legal Cannabis industry to reduce risks, remain compliant, and operate safely and securely. Our experts have decades of experience in the due diligence, security, compliance and investigative fields. The Cannabis Risk Advisory Group is a division of SunBlock Systems, a leading provider of next generation in security, intelligence and investigations.

Who Are We?

Our people are our strength. From the bar and bench to various investigative agencies, cyber security and dark net organizations, we have come together to provide fast, knowledgeable and comprehensive service. Meet our executive team.

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Chris Marquet

Practice Leader, Cannabis Risk Advisory

Chris has 35 years experience risk mitigation industry; Former executive, Kroll Associates and President of SunBlock Systems’ Corporate Investigative Division

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David Sun

Founder, SunBlock Systems

David has 25 years experience; cyber security & IT controls expert

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Andrew Levetown

President, SunBlock Systems

Andrew has 30 years experience; Former Federal Prosecutor & risk mitigation industry executive

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What do we do?

While counsel can advise you on the best way to comply with legal hurdles, Cannabis Risk Advisory can help you avoid operational risks.  Working nationwide with venture firms, law firms and business entities, we provide security, investigative and compliance services for the legal cannabis industry.


Background Investigations and Integrity Vetting

SunBlock Systems works to ensure your financial partners or key hires are properly vetted for background issues as well as red flags on social media and the dark net through our deep due diligence.


Financial Controls &
Anti-Money Laundering

Our experts provide:

  • AML Technology Evaluation & Consulting
  • AML Policy Reviews & Testing
  • AML Program Design & Implementation
  • AML Training and Education
  • Anti-Corruption Consulting & Investigations
  • (CIP), (KYC) and Verification
  • Financial and Business Controls Consulting

Cybersecurity & Network Security

The Cannabis industry is a tempting target for hacking and internal thefts of proprietary information such as patient or client lists, names of partners and financial data.  We protect you against breaches and their financial and legal implications.

Why Work With us?

Simply put, we bring all of the skills and experience you need to protect your business. Our ability to provide services from California to Massachusetts, means security and compliance are never more than a phone call away.


See what we can do for you.

Your resources are on the line. Trust the experts in security, investigations and compliance. Call today for a no-cost quote on how we can protect what you are building.